A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

You will be taken care of by very gentle giantesses and live the dream harem with the most powerful beings in the world. 

Play as the last male in the entire Universe, full of giantesses madly wanting you. 

Press F4 for fullscreen. Hold Shift and interact to measure power levels.

Contains Ecchi, no explicit content.

Harem RPG for the Anime Connoisseur. Measure Power Levels, Take over the world. The most powerful beings(beautiful girls) in the Universe are in love with you, the weakest being in the Universe.

Pressing shift-key while talking to someone will read their power levels.

Can your harem of ultra powerful cute girls take over the world for you? Find out!

Comedy RPG genre making fun of a lot of animes, think of this as a low budget version of Isekai wa Smartphone, but with a lot of ultra powerful girls who loves you.

The game has a longer sequel already completed, currently being made the Non H version of it, and the third game is also under development. 

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Android Version requires high spec phone, tried to maintain the graphical quality.

Commissioned: Ikazu-Art-401 https://ikazu-art401.deviantart.com/  and GreenMatcha https://greenmatcha.deviantart.com/.

Credits for free plugins and free to use with attribution

Title screen Art of GCIII by Kou_Art: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130239861@N06/

Modified face sets credits Palxan, Verbordina, Kadokawa/Enterbrain.

Yep Message Core, Yep Core Engine, Yep ActSeqPack2, Yep BattleEngineCore, YEP_ButtonCommonEvents, YEP_MoveRouteCore, Yep_DashToggle, YepFPSSynchOption : Yanfly Engine Plugins.

SOUL_MV Control Battle: Soulpour777.

TDDP_BindPictures_To_Map: Tor Damian Design/Galenmereth. 

Hime_PreTitleEvents: Hime.  

SlotMachine: Takeya Kimura.

Wushing: mjshi.

Galv_Custom_Title: Galv.

MushMenuOption: MushroomCake28.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Install instructions

Extract file with WinRar or similar program,  run Game.exe.


God_Complex_I.apk 203 MB
GodComplexIUltraWindows.rar 255 MB
God Complex I Linux.rar 243 MB
God Complex I Mac OS X Version.rar 240 MB

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