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This is probably a lot longer than the first and much more complex and better. The game is not as easy as the first, it's hard to beat it without losing a few times(but there are almost always bad endings instead of straight game overs) The game has some darker moments. You must get some hidden events to get the true ending, so I recommend you to be curious while playing.

The second game starts at the end of the first, the events take place sometime after the "tiny Master" starts living with the girls.

The recommendations for playing this game are the same as the last, adding "tolerance to drama, bad endings ". 

Remember: you can measure the power level and now "love level" of a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g except the walls (most of the times), including chairs, treasure chests, etc, by pressing shift-key while interacting. It will activate another branch of events.
You should also save often and be very careful when selecting choices.

Contains GTS(All characters except you are Cute, Giant girls), Harem. You'll play as the last male human in the entire Universe. Contains nudity.

If you don't know what GTS is, why not give it a try to see if you like it? The game is not purely GTS focused, and have a very complex and intriguing story, the content is quite light-hearted and comedy focused, with some darker, more serious moments and a good focus on character development. If you only played GCI, try playing GCIGTS to see if it's your thing or not, it's free.

I opened a Poll for this game, asking people to grade it, the votes are the following: 

  •  (10) Masterpiece (1 votes)
  • (8) Very Good (3 votes)
  • (7) Good (3 votes)
  • (6) Fine (3 votes)
  • (4) Bad (1 votes)
  • (3) Very Bad (1 votes)
  • (2) Horrible (2 votes)


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