A downloadable game for Windows

Warning: This is an Adult Game, You must be older than 18-21 to play.

Prequel to Goddess Complex IV,  contains game I, II and III,

Warning 2: This version is outdated, but still downloadable. Downloading the Supreme Version is highly recommended

(You might want to take a look at the comments and description here first)

Features Character Selector, Parallax events, unlimited harem, some real-time Gun combat, etc.

Press F4 for fullscreen.  Hold Shift and interact to measure power levels.

The Collector's Edition is available for Windows only. If you want to play the Android, Mac or Linux versions, you can find the links on my profile, only game I and II are available for these platforms.

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Credits for most of the art: Bikutahttps://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4524456 

Commissioned: Ikazu-Art-401 https://ikazu-art401.deviantart.com/  and GreenMatcha https://greenmatcha.deviantart.com/.

Credits for free plugins and free to use with attribution

Modified face sets credits Palxan, Verbordina, Kadokawa/Enterbrain.

Yep Message Core, Yep Core Engine, Yep ActSeqPack2, Yep BattleEngineCore, YEP_ButtonCommonEvents, YEP_MoveRouteCore, Yep_DashToggle, YepFPSSynchOption : Yanfly Engine Plugins.

SOUL_MV Control Battle: Soulpour777.

TDDP_BindPictures_To_Map: Tor Damian Design/Galenmereth. 

Hime_PreTitleEvents: Hime.  

SlotMachine: Takeya Kimura.

Wushing: mjshi.

Galv_Custom_Title: Galv.

MushMenuOption: MushroomCake28.

Free Music used from OrangeFreeSounds http://www.orangefreesounds.com/:

Mozart Symphony 40 by Musopen Symphony

Mozart Piano Concerto 23 by Alexander, 

Mozart Piano Sonata No 11 by Eduardo.

Mozart Piano Concerto 21 by Markus Staab

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual living persons, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Here is the sequel made in Unreal Engine: Goddess Complex IV

Install instructions

Extract with WinRar or similar software and play game.exe.


All Three Games.rar 1 GB
All Three Games (1.4GB; Google Drive)
All Three Games (1.4GB; MEGA)

Development log


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Could you please make a Version of This collection For Android Users I would love to play them on my phone I mean yes I have them on My PC But I'd love to play them on my phone someday

when i try to play God Complex III the game says it is not available in this version

This was a debugging text I forgot to remove, the game is still completed.

The newer game 3 contained in Goddess Complex Supreme Edition has already fixed this and other errors.


The sword in library has two parts of storys. And I also can choose return the title the start a new game. Witch part should I play first?

I played the third part story in the sword. At last it tells me there are some hidden events. Are the events in the third part too? How can I know if I reached a hidden event?

BTW  awesome work:)

There are three games, you should play them in order, i.e GCI, GCII, GCIII.

The hidden events are all in the library at the beginning, talk to the Universe Consortium Leader.

I was wrong. It should be the end of GCII tells that I need hidden events to good ending(maybe). So these events are also in the library?

No, to get the good ending of GCII you need to collect the hidden events inside GCII. I have already answered this to one person in this youtube video, if you want the spoiler is there in the comments.

The games are self contained, so the library is only a "hub", and each game has no influence on the others.

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But this video doesn't exist anymore so neither your comments so could you please give hints here on Itch to find all of the 4 hidden events?


Awesome game here. But is there any walktru? I'm stuck at a green switch that upon pressed says that I need to press another first, and I dont find another button anywhere.

I give a greenlight for anyone who wants to do gameplay videos, but there isn't a walkthrough that I know of, unfortunately.  

There are two buttons, one to the right side of the map and one to the top side of it, it may be a little hard to find but the button is definitely there, if you still can't find it tell me so I will take a screenshot.

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I mistakenly deleted the replies when deleting the top post, but here is the video that solves the issue for anyone who needs it, I did it inside the project and fast so the quality is very low and there are a lot of bugs:

This video is no more available so could you please explain where exactly find the red button?

can you screenshot the location of two button please? I cannot found it..

Yes please I feel dumb I can’t find the second switch

Please post a screenshot I have been all over the map and still can’t find the second switch 

Please post picture

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So I'm playing through the third game now... Though there's a part (during the beginning) where you can select Light and Dark Alignment. I went with Light Alignment because I figured it didn't matter much either way (just two different stories/endings or what have you). Though once I got to the floating city, I found out that you need to go Dark Alignment in order to progress at all...

This would be fine, I suppose. But if you by chance leave the floating city but you haven't received training, and don't have a save to go back... It's a softlock for that saved game and you have to go back and redo things on a save that's not softlocked (however far back it may be, or even worse, a brand new game entirely!). It feels like Light Alignment isn't something meant to be played, and it came with extremely little warning attached.

Other than that, I'm enjoying the game series and am steadily working my way up to 4 now, I just wanted to voice this opinion. Perhaps at least throw in a way to go back to the Floating City? Though if I understand correctly, trying to change to Dark Alignment mid-game carries risks too... Haven't tested it yet. Will comment on that later if I do. I'll need to redo a lot of stuff to get back there. Especially if I need to start all the way from the beginning.

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There is a way to teleport back to chapter, go to the library and talk to the Universe Consortium Leader, then go to the place she talks about and enter the password, then you can jump to any chapter instantly.

I admit that soft-locking the save was a design mistake, maybe I'll fix it after I release the final version of GCIV.

But if I remember correctly, even if you are light alignment, and you go to the Dark Alignment center, you can change to dark by talking to the giant robot there and answering some questions.


Yeah, you are correct about that, talking to the robot gives you a quiz and then you can change your alignment that way. Bit of a shame that Light Alignment isn't possible as a result, however. Said robot mentioned there being risks, so I thought it was going to be a battle. A quiz was surprisingly much more manageable, even if I needed to reload a few times to actually complete it.

Sadly, I wasn't able to use the library skip, as I wasn't sure which chapter I was on at that point, and I couldn't recreate my character in one try (it bugs out when trying to select the design of the Master again). But I'm now making progress from the Floating City, I figured I should mention the bug regardless though, since it could be useful for new people playing through all of the games in a row like myself.

New art i see, did anything change

No, the update was just to fix the save problem a few users had, since nobody talked about it anymore I think it's fixed

I was able to reach the harem paradise but there were only two events that i could trigger, could you help me out

It's unfinished unfortunately, but there is a similar feature that lets you skip to chapters so you can get to H scenes easier, talk to the Universe Consortium Leader at the library to start the quest.

Well could you tell me the chapters with the most harem scenes

If I remember correctly, chapter one right after you go to that place, there are multiple H scenes, but you have to make a save there. 

Chapter 4 I think has a lot too. But I'm not remembering correctly the exact spots.


Thanks i enjoy how much youre communicating with the few people you have

btw i already gave a 5 star rating


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its seems to be a nice game, but download link is broken for me.

Not sure I understand, what do you mean the download is broken? Have you tried changing your browser and/or enabling pop-ups?


Awesome work

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Thanks! I really appreciate it. Finally someone commented :D

But please fix your rating, you gave the game only 3* instead of 5*. 

Giving it 5 stars really helps more people find the game.

Edit: Thanks for fixing :D